Explore The Universal City Walk

If you’re looking for excitement, but not quite ready to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood, then the nearby Universal CityWalk is a great place to start. Universal City Walk stretches for three blocks and includes a number of entertainment venues, restaurants, and retail outlets. You could easily spend a day exploring this massive attraction without ever venturing into the adjacent Universal Studios theme park.The Hollywood CityWalk first opened in 1993. Later, in 2000, a $1 billion expansion was made to the property. That money paid for a number of new venues, stores, and attractions. The theater was opened much earlier, in 1987, and served as the original centerpiece for the design. The center of the property has since shifted to a large central plaza designed by Pearce Structure. There was also an amphitheater built in 1972 that was eventually closed down in 2013. Most of the attractions in the Universal City Walk can be divided into entertainment, dining, shopping, and play. Nearby parking is very affordable and customers don’t need to purchase any tickets to visit the CityWalk. Tickets are needed; however, to visit the adjacent theme parks. Here’s a closer look at the best attractions.Entertainment AttractionsOne of the major entertainment venues in Universal CityWalk Hollywood is the 5 towers. This is a massive outdoor concert venue that features thousands of LEDs, five light towers that stand 42 feet tall, a large video monitor, and a highly-advanced audio system. Live music is performed regularly at the 5 towers and it is one of the most popular destinations on the property. Those who would prefer to enjoy entertainment indoors visit the nearby cinema. The cinema features an 18-plex and a 7=story IMAX theater. There are 18 auditoriums with deluxe reclining seats, RGB laser projection screens, and Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound. There is also a nearby bar called the Director’s Lounge. Movie patrons often meet at the bar following the movie to enjoy drinks designed by famous celebrities.Play AttractionsOne of the most fun attractions on the City Walk is iFly. The building is designed to simulate skydiving in an indoor environment. They accomplish this using a massive vertical wind tunnel and specially designed flight suits. It is a realistic skydiving experience that is exciting and fun for the entire family without any of the dangers or expenses of skydiving. There is also a nearby piano bar called Howl At The Moon. They feature live music, drinks, and massive dance parties that last all night long. Their dueling piano bands deliver highly energetic music that always entertains.Dining And ShoppingOf course, there are plenty of places to eat and shop inside Universal City Walk. A few of their best restaurants include Blaze Pizza, Cinnabon, Hard Rock Cafe, Dongpo Kitchen, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. And if you’re in the mood for shopping you can visit Billabong, Element, ANGL, Lids, the Zen Zone, or the Universal Studio Store. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to City Walk. There are still many other attractions, stores, and restaurants packed inside this three-block radius. And once you’ve experienced all that they have to offer you can purchase a ticket to Universal Studios and continue your adventure.for more info click here to see what else you can visit while in burbank.