The History Of Cahuenga Peak – Visit Griffith Park And The Hollywood Sign

There is quite a history to Cahuenga Peak. The peak was finally purchased from an investment firm in Chicago in April of 2008 in order for it to become part of Griffith Park. Until then, it had been privately owned ever since the 1940’s. The Save Cahuenga Movement is what ended up facilitating the protection of the peak and its flora and fauna. Did you know that the Plummer’s Mariposa Lily, which is quite rare, is up there in that part of the Santa Monica Mountains?Burbank Peak is right nearby, and so is the Hollywood Sign. When you stand atop Cahuenga, you are privy to 360 degree views of the San Fernando Valley. The peak is roadless, however, so you’re not going to find hiking to the top extremely easy. It would make for one great adventure though. You always have the option of getting a great pizza and enjoy the panoramic views as you look out over the Los Angeles Basin.It was mentioned that the land was purchased from the investment firm in Chicago. They had only owned the acreage since 2002. Howard Hughes had purchased Cahuenga in the 1940’s because he was going to build his dream home after marrying Ginger Rogers. The couple never married, however, and the house was never built. In fact, the land just sat undeveloped for decades until 2002.What’s interesting is how much the Chicago investment firm ended up getting for the property. They paid a little less than $2m to purchase Cahuenga in 2002, and then they sold it for $22m. The buyer was The Trust For Public Land, but they had launched a campaign to raise some of the money necessary. The trust had originally wanted to purchase Cahuenga for $12.5m. One of the celebrities that contributed to the campaign to help facilitate the property purchase was Hugh Hefner.Hefner gave the trust $900k. The ‘save the peak’ movement was big news in the area, with a banner placed over the Hollywood Sign and everything. Are you prepared to hike to the 12th tallest peak of the Santa Monica Mountains? Not only can you see the rare lily mentioned earlier, but you can catch the echo blue butterflies and the coast horned lizards, among other widlife.If you’re going to be visiting Griffith Park, you might as well check out Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee. Plus, you can take the Burbank Peak Trail and the Aileen Getty Ridge Trail. Did you know that the Burbank Peak Trail used to be known as Wonder View Trail? The actual peak used to be called Wisdom Tree.If you take Aileen Getty Ridge Trail, you can actually follow it not just to Cahuenga but to the Hollywood Sign as well. And yo will have started at Burbank Peak. That particular trail touches all three destinations for you. It would make for a great way to experience the entire area. It might seem like a long hike, but both trails are only a round trip of three miles. Are you off to Cahuenga?for more stuff to in Burbank – check this out!