Did you know that Burbank, California has a very rich aviation history? In the 1930’s Burbank became home to a major airport. It also housed the Lockheed Aircraft Company manufacturing plant. If you are visiting the Burbank area you must make time to see the Burbank Aviation Museum and learn for yourself the major worldwide aviation contributions Burbank had on the entire world. The Burbank Aviation Museum is located in the Portal of the Folded Wings. This is right in the Valhalla Cemetery. The Portal of the Folded Wings is a beautiful monument that was created out of high-end materials that was built in 1924. In 1953, it began to be used as a shrine to honor the pioneers of aviation. Many aviators have been buried at this site. The Burbank Aviation Museum is a volunteer led organization that is committed to help preserve Burbank’€™s amazing aviation history. It displays many artifacts that allow visitors to not only admire aviation but also gain a great understanding and appreciation for the aviation pioneers. Burbank’€™s population began to grow rapidly in the 1940’s due to the Lockheed company buying a large piece of land to manufacture planes. The United States had just entered World War II and was in need of many planes. Lockheed employed 94,000 people to produce over 19,000 planes. This caused Burbank’s population to increase greatly in a short period of time. The Bob Hope Airport was created as an extremely easy and convenient way for people to get to Los Angeles in the 1930’s. It also was a place many aviators used as a home base for their flights. Interestingly, Amelia Earhart spent many days in Burbank, California. Her plane of choice, a Lockheed, was manufactured and designed right in Burbank. In fact, the last pictures of her are when she was at Burbank’s Bob Hope airport. The Bob Hope Airport has gone through many name changes in its almost 100-year history. Recently, in 2016 it was named the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The Burbank Aviation Museum also has a great replica of the Columbia spacecraft. While not quite as big as the actual Columbia spacecraft, it gives visitors a good idea of what the shuttle looked like in real life. It features landing gear and rubber tires that can even spin. The replica features authentic style lettering and details. Right near the replica, there is a memorial to the crew of the Columbia Space Shuttle. It focuses on the 7 passengers individually who were killed. The museum is open on the first Sunday of every month from 1 to 3 pm. The admission is free to all. If you have any questions feel free to call (818) 768-7881. If you cannot make it on the open Sunday you can still visit the Portal of the Folded Wings and pay tribute to the many pilots who are buried there. If you love history, aviation, and airplanes it is definitely worth the trip to the Burbank Aviation Museum. It is sure to be an interesting and exciting experience. If you want a great meal come by and visit one of Burbank hidden gems of restaurants. click here for more info on Reno’s Other things to see can be found here.