If you’re in Burbank and want to enjoy a combination of history, nature, and entertainment, then there’s no better place to experience the three than Brand Park. This park has a rich history that has grown alongside the town for more than a century. It includes a library, a museum, a massive studio, and a garden area. There’s enough to do here that you’re guaranteed to stay busy for the entire day.A Brief History Of Brand ParkThe park began as a home on a piece of land. The home was a large mansion called Miradero. It was designed by an architect named Nathaniel Dryden. The mansion was for his sister-in-law, Leslie Brand. The design of Miradero was inspired by the famous East Indian Pavilion that was built in 1893 for the Columbian World Exposition. Miradero finished construction in 1904.Leslie Brand’s husband died in 2925 and his will dictated that the house be left to the city after the death of his wife. Stipulations in the will dictated that the property is turned into a public park and the home be turned into a library. Leslie died in 1945 and the home was converted into a library over the next 11 years. The 5,000 square foot Brand Library was opened to the public in 1956.The property received major renovations over the following decades. A massive overhaul in 1969 added more than 21,000 square feet to the property. The additional space provided room for an art gallery, a sculpture court, a recital hall, and the famous Brand Park Studios. The library, park, and all of the additions serve as a cultural showcase for the city.The Brand Library & Arts CenterThe Brand Library & Arts Center is a unique library with a strong focus on a specific niche of material. Following the theme of the park, the library has a large selection of material related to music, visual arts, and theater. There are more than 110,000 items in the library, some of which include exhibitions, lectures, dance performances, and concerts.If you’ve thought that libraries were boring in the past it’s simply because you’ve never visited the Brand Library. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. You can view their website to see a list of scheduled events taking place over the next months. There’s something different going on every week. You can always make a stop by Glendale River Walk for more relaxing scenery.The Brand StudiosThe park also features a 1,734 square foot studio. The studio rooms are available for public rentals by the hour. They play host to a number of special events, such as workshops, conferences, parties, and film screenings. There are also a number of classes offered at the studios for free. If you have any interest in the performing arts or if you’re interested in hosting an event while in Burbank, then the studios in the Brand Park is worth a visit.Burbank has a lot to offer its visitors. This beautiful park is one of its star attractions. Whether you visit for the gardens, the library, or the studios: you won’t be disappointed. If you get hungry come visit Reno’s¬†for an awesome meal.